When purchasing a Domain Name for your Business or a Personal Venture always be specific in your requirements, for example:
Your Business is called: SPORTS FOR ALL.
Your Industry will focus on areas such as: Sports, Health, Fitness, Training, Gyms, Equipment and so on.
Be specific in the required Domain Name:
www.sportsforall.com, .com.au, .au
www.sports.com, .com.au, .au
www.healthandfitness.com, .com.au, .au

www.sports4allsorts.com, .com.au, .au
www.pt.com, .com.au, .au
www.gym.com, .com.au, .au
And so on.
Be prepared. EMD, PREMIUM and some Standard aftermarket Domain Names can be purchased but to ensure the right product in a decreasing property market an insightful representation of cost will need to be established.
With each Domain Name purchased be aware of where and what they are used for, are the EMD, PREMIUM Domains being redirected to your current site name or will they be the main URL.

PROVIDE FINANCE: with every Business, either new or existing, Financial stability is your main concern, however, in Business it is said “you need to spend money to make money” , and Domain Name purchases are exactly part of this framework. With an EMD or PREMIUM DOMAIN comes an increase of traffic, which interns promotes your Business ranking online and increases the projected sales value of your product.
Be Confident in your Business and what it’s Worth.

For those Businesses eager to jump into the Online Property Market IMPAKX has a "DOMAIN WANTED" page, provide the required information and IMPAKX will post the details on this page.
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