Buying or Selling a Domain Name doesn't need to complicated or confusing.

Premium Domain Names are scarce and are an appreciating digital asset. A short easy to remember Domain Name will enhance your Brand well into the future.
Your online Business presence is not only your Business’s identity but it is also the way your clients find and remember you. EMD’s or Exact Match Domain names are a powerful tool for your online presence and easier to relate than your standard Domain Name. EMD’s are the ultimate Premium Domain Name!
 A carefully chosen EMD distinguishes you as the influential brand in your industry. It also helps you to rank very highly in Google search, generally in the top three of an organic industry search.
This will guarantee that your Client’s find and trust your Business and your Product. Just like you do when you search and see a Business at the top of an Industry Google search.
Buying EMD names on the aftermarket can be difficult and confusing. IMPAKX works to ease those challenges that both buyers and sellers face. IMPAKX offers each party to focus on the negotiating without distraction. When an agreement is negotiated or an EMD is purchased directly from our marketplace, IMPAKX assists both parties through the security and transfer process ensuring a efficient, safe and protected process for everyone.