Your Domain Name is your online brand. It is vital to invest in the best possible Domain Name available, whether you’re starting a new venture or looking to upgrade to a Premium EMD link. IMPAKX can access thousands of high quality EMD’s relating to your Industry or title.


If you or your Business are in need of a specific EMD or standard Domain, we can help find name and the owner and if available negotiate a fair and reasonable price for each involved. IMPAKX has over 20years experience working with Domain Names and the Aftermarket Industry. IMPAKX works independently within the Domain Industry so that there is a fair and respected outcome.


Choosing the name for your Business, product or service can be difficult. IMPAKX is here to help you, provide understanding, give you greater options and guide you through the best practices in choosing an online Brand and Domain Name. IMPAKX will carefully assess your needs and investigate all aspects of potential EMD’s and standard names that best suit your requirements.